The company Block Lock Doors produces security doors with superior design and high security construction with their main function- to protect facilities against break-ins and armed burglary.

In our offer there are single and double security doors and security doors with sidelights.

The security doors are made to measure (standard dimensions are: 100cm width and 204cm height) thickness 53mm-70mm, depending on the wooden cover and the door model.

In each of our security door model is installed locks renowned Italian manufacturer
SECUREMME, MOTTURA or CISA. They may be with cylinder, the register key, or in combination with two same locking systems or two different locking systems.

There are two basic designs of security doors: security door BLD and security door BLD2
Superior design has been accomplished with fine processing and door covering in several possible variants:

About us

The security door Block Lock Doors is meant to secure objects from breaking and entering, as well as armed burglaries, featured by top design and high level of security of the construction.


Block Lock Doors će sve zainteresovane redovno obaveštavati o svim novinama u proizvodnji, planovima, uspesima kompanije, prisustvu na sajmovima, kao i o aktelnim ponudama. Pratite naše vesti.....


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