Security door – model BLD1

Block Lock Doors

They are tailor made (standard up to 100cm x 204cm) as a single-wing, an expanded single-wing, a single-wing with over-light, a double-wing, a double-wing with expansion on either side and a double-wing doors with over-light . Thickness: 70 mm. Doors belong to class IV of safety and protection against burglary.


  • Door frame made of steel boxes 60x40/1,5 and 50x40/2.0 2 mm welded and coated in a color of your choice (color powder is applied to the metal via electrostatic , and then baking is done at a temperature polymerization) .
  • Door Frame of the door wing is made of steel profiles 50x30x2mm
  • The interior of the doors is made from steel L- profiles 50x10x2mm, with the 2 mm thick steel sheet on the outside
  • The door wing is hung on the door frame on steel hinges Fi22 with balls that allow easy opening and closing


  • Thermal and acoustic insulation is provided by polystyrene or hard pressed mineral wool 5 cm thick that is placed between the steel L- profiles mounted vertically every 10-15 cm inside the door


  • Locking system is provided by a special safety lock ‘Securemme’ (optional ‘Mottura’ or ‘Cisa’) on the safe key or the cylinder, which is characterized by a steel belt which completely disables drilling and punching. The locking is done in 3 directions and 6 points with piles of high security. At the rear door, there are 3 fixed equally distributed wedges at hinges. The position of these wedges forms additional inseparable bond between the wing door and the door frame.


  • Peephole, handles, 3 or 5 keys


  • Additional lock with highly secured Italian cylinder with five keys
  • Lock with variable code (Cisa Cambio or Motura Nucleus)
  • Limiter - the opening limitation (it has a double function: limited opening of the door and locking the door from the apartment)
  • Camera - peephole
  • Electromagnetic chuck - intercom lock
  • Hydraulic door closer
  • Deviators (for additional side locking)
  • Security guard cylinder made of hardened steel that prevents drilling and crushing
  • Inox threshold
  • Molding


Possibility of coating the door wings

Technical specifications of the Security door BLD1 cross section

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The security door Block Lock Doors is meant to secure objects from breaking and entering, as well as armed burglaries, featured by top design and high level of security of the construction.


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