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Aluminum doors and windows with their characteristics meet the high standards of today's market demands for quality windows with minimal maintenance. Aluminum carpentry with their strength provides static stability of the installed elements. Aluminum profiles also provide savings of thermal energy and their smooth surface make them much easier for maintenance.

Aluminum is the material with natural origin, so it doesn’t adversely affect to the environment and health.

Glazing is done with thermo glass in several variants, same as with PVC carpentry.

We would like to particularly point out the aluminum front door, which will surely makes your home more beautiful with its design.

If you need a strong, durable and lightweight carpentry that will cover a larger area, in most cases, you will choose aluminum profiles for doors and windows. In addition to reliability and excellent insulating capabilities, it provides a stylish look with its clear lines and shapes as well as high level of final works and unique design style of your facility. Doors and windows can be made of plastic-coated or anodised profiles, with or without thermal breaks, profiles of different thickness and number of chambers.

BLOCK LOCK DOORS uses profiles, produced by the world's leading manufacturers ETEM and ALUMIL and meet all required standards in their category, but well-known characteristics of aluminum and its durability guarantees long life and reliability.


Aluminum profiles are suitable for large-size elements in business objects. They are particularly suitable for objects that are exposed to high temperatures and intense sunlight. With their strength, aluminum profiles provide safe static stability.

About us

The security door Block Lock Doors is meant to secure objects from breaking and entering, as well as armed burglaries, featured by top design and high level of security of the construction.


Block Lock Doors će sve zainteresovane redovno obaveštavati o svim novinama u proizvodnji, planovima, uspesima kompanije, prisustvu na sajmovima, kao i o aktelnim ponudama. Pratite naše vesti.....


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