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The most common materials used for making doors and windows are the following:

PVC and aluminum windows and doors are becoming more popular as compared to wooden carpentry. The biggest advantage of PVC and aluminum doors and windows is that it requires very little maintenance – it only needs occasional cleaning and wash. There is no need for painting. Rain, humidity and temperature changes cannot damage it. For this reason, aluminum and PVC windows and doors are a much better solution than wooden carpentry.

Whatever your needs, dimensions, design and creativity of architects are, PVC and aluminum doors and windows would perfectly fit in your residential or commercial building. It is extremely flexible and different shapes and dimensions of windows and doors can be made, all in accordance with the individual needs of clients and architectural and construction solutions of the building.

Windows are one of the most important components of housing units in terms of low energy consumption. Energy savings are achieved by replacing old wooden windows with a single pane with new PVC or aluminum windows with double low-emission panes.

Low-emission panes, filled with argon, are a type of thermal protecting glass which will along with the ALU and PVC window frames reduce the loss of thermal energy in winter as well as the quantity of the thermal energy which will enter through the window into the building in summer.

Carpentry which we produce is made from high quality materials, PVC profiles of INOUTIC - THYSEN and ROLOPLAST, aluminum profiles of the leading world manufacturers of ETEM and ALUMIL, as well as hardware made by  SIEGENIA and ROTO .

Hardware - frames

One of the most important parts of the carpentry is certainly frames. Since constant opening and closing of the windows and doors is a normal method of use, it is extremely important that all components are of exceptional quality and durability that could provide a long life. We install SIEGENIA and ROTO hardware.

SIEGENIA is the most famous company to produce top quality doors and windows hardware with extensive experience in designing, planning and producing the highest quality door and window systems.

Roto hardware is a recognizable name in the field of quality hardware in every home - all over the world.

Global research, development and production resources enable optimal solutions for all specific requirements, with the ultimate goal of secure connectivity and flexibility.

Roto is known for innovative solutions recognized and respected in the professional world .

About us

The security door Block Lock Doors is meant to secure objects from breaking and entering, as well as armed burglaries, featured by top design and high level of security of the construction.


Block Lock Doors će sve zainteresovane redovno obaveštavati o svim novinama u proizvodnji, planovima, uspesima kompanije, prisustvu na sajmovima, kao i o aktelnim ponudama. Pratite naše vesti.....


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