Applications and colors

Block Lock Doors

Applications and colors High quality design is achieved through fine processing and coating of the door wings in the three possible variants:

NOTE: Possible small deviations from the colors in the picture and colors applied to the product


Shades of stain A Shades of stain B Shades of stain C Shades of stain D Shades of stain E Shades of stain F


RAL Chart:

MDF with application (woodcut) painted or veneered


About us

The security door Block Lock Doors is meant to secure objects from breaking and entering, as well as armed burglaries, featured by top design and high level of security of the construction.


Block Lock Doors će sve zainteresovane redovno obaveštavati o svim novinama u proizvodnji, planovima, uspesima kompanije, prisustvu na sajmovima, kao i o aktelnim ponudama. Pratite naše vesti.....


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