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Block Lock Doors

Since its founding in the year 2000 Block Lock Doors believes in the values that we believe to be the corner stone of our current and future successful business:

Block Lock Doors offers its clients the most appropriate solutions in the field of carpentry. Our main activity is manufacturing and installation of entrance safety doors. We also offer interior doors, anti-smoke and fire resistant doors, as well as PVC and aluminum windows and wood - aluminum carpentry.

What distinguishes us from others is the development of the tailor-made program i.e. a unique program that is harmonized with the needs and desires of our customers.

*Your safety is in our hands because:

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About us

The security door Block Lock Doors is meant to secure objects from breaking and entering, as well as armed burglaries, featured by top design and high level of security of the construction.


Block Lock Doors će sve zainteresovane redovno obaveštavati o svim novinama u proizvodnji, planovima, uspesima kompanije, prisustvu na sajmovima, kao i o aktelnim ponudama. Pratite naše vesti.....


Block Lock Doors
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